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Remaining at home with the assistance of a Caregiver is the preferred living arrangement for many seniors.  Bringing additional care and support to the home setting allows for the comfort of the familiar and is often the most cost-effective and least disruptive solution.

As the following chart illustrates, there are several ways to go about establishing this type of care environment – through Home Services Agencies, Placement Agencies and Hiring Privately (Independent Contractors) – each with their own advantages and trade offs.


Many experts agree that a licensed, full-service, home services agency offers the most holistic, reliable and comprehensive approach to providing in-home care.

Placement Agency Hiring Privately
EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT Typically screen, employ and supervise Caregiving staff Limited pre-screening; employment and supervision is family responsibility Family responsibility
TAXES Assume all responsibility for payroll and related taxes Family responsibility Family responsibility
TRAINING Orient and provide ongoing training for Caregiving staff Not inherently available Not inherently available
LIABILITY All Caregivers are bonded and insured Not inherently available No theft protection or liability insurance
BACK-UP SUPPORT Contingency plan for vacations, holidays and sick days Not inherently available Not inherently available
UPFRONT FEES No upfront fees Typically required Typically not required
ONGOING SUPERVISION Provide for all Caregivers None None
WORKMAN'S COMPENSATION All employees fully insured against accidents Not inherently available Not inherently available

All Trust is a full service Home Services Agency. As such, it offers many advantages that other providers simply do not, including:

  • The All Trust TRUSTworthy badge of honor, which indicates the most in-depth screening process,
    qualification standards and specialized training of all licensed and bonded Caregivers
  • Management of and responsibility for all payroll and related taxes
  • A commitment to continuing education through the All Trust Academy
  • ADVANCED CARE capabilities and a specialization in caring for persons with
    ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE and related dementia


"George has been my right arm. He is very supportive, and my husband likes him very much. When I get a little teary, he always gives me a boost and tells me not worry. What more can I say? He’s very special. "
~ Lana